6 Questions to Get the Conversation Started

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Leaders don’t have all the answers; nor should they, which is why we look to our teams for answers.  Posing questions to those we trust to help our businesses shows we value their ideas and input however; if approached the wrong way, these same questions can come across as accusatory. 

When using questions as a coaching tool it is important to pay attention to your tone; HOW you ask a question is just as significant as WHAT you ask.   Use these 6 questions to get the conversation started with your teams:

Key coaching questions:
  • How are you seeing things?
  • What are some other possibilities we can explore?
  • How do you think someone else may handle this situation?
Questions for valuable feedback:
  • What do you need more of from me?
  • What do you need less from me?
  • Are you feeling good about how things are going?

Great leaders don’t have all the answers, but they do know how to ask the right questions.  When asking questions, remember to keep your tone in check and use the above 6 questions to help start your conversations.

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Peter Boritz6 Questions to Get the Conversation Started

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