8 Lessons from Speed Dating for Meetings

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There are some great lessons to be learned from speed dating that can be applied to meetings. 

Speed dating was introduced in 1998 as a way to get singles to meet other singles by going on a series of “dates” lasting no longer than 3 minutes. In just three minutes, speed daters need to make a first impression and present their “pitch” while sizing up the person sitting across from them. In fact, a study showed that 67% of speed daters actually make up their mind on a match within the first 30 seconds.

So how can we apply the techniques from speed dating to turn meetings in to Speed Meetings? Here are eight tips:

1. Have a single facilitator run the meeting


2. Present an agenda with a clear, measurable goal as the outcome


3. Provide the meeting topic to attendees the day before


4. Have all attendees prepare a 3-minute pitch on the topic


5. Move away from ideas that don’t “stick” within 30 seconds


6. Keep the meeting room tech-free


7. Propose an end-time and adhere to it


8. Designate a note taker to distribute meeting notes to attendees

Try these techniques at your next meeting and you’ll be surprised at how much more productive (and faster) meetings can be.

Peter Boritz8 Lessons from Speed Dating for Meetings

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