Three Reasons to Fire a Client

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Sometimes walking away from a client may just be the best option.  Here are three reasons why: 


The cost of the services represents the value and quality you’re providing, as well as the investment of your team.  If you have a client who is pressuring you to provide these services cheaper and/or faster, they may need to find someone else who can provide that for them.

Bad for Business

A customer that causes stress for you and your team is setting you up to not only deliver sub-par service, but also to create collateral damage: how your employees view your leadership.

At my company, we had a client who abused my team and, in the process, brought office morale down. After thorough review, we decided the long-term benefits of firing them were far more important than the short term loss, and so we fired them.

Violates Core Values

Your Core Values drive your business and help run your day-to-day operations, however, if you have a client that doesn’t share those values (on some level), it can be harmful to your business.  If a client is putting you or a member of your team in a compromising position, it is time to let them go.

In business, it is not always possible to work with “the right kind” of client; however, before you consider letting a client go, communicate your concerns with them.  If you feel you have exhausted every avenue to continue working a client, it may be time to fire them. It could be best thing you ever do for your business.

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@GeneMarks – “You never fire a customer. Instead raise your prices to make it worth your while and let them choose what they want to do.”

@BrianMoran – “If the stress/pain/suffering outweighs the financial gain, fire a customer.”

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Peter BoritzThree Reasons to Fire a Client

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