Tips to Set New Employees Up for Success

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Small business owners go to great lengths to find the right people to take their ideas to the next level and help their businesses succeed. However, the process of hiring a new employee doesn’t end once an applicant accepts the job.

A new hire’s first few days are crucial to the success your business. Many business owners take the time to make an announcement about a new hire, but often overlook properly welcoming and integrating new employees into the company/team.

According, more than 20 percent of new hires wash out within 45 days. So follow these simple tips to avoid early failures with new hires and begin setting them (and you) up for success from day one:

Greet with a Familiar Face
The person who hired the new employee should also be one who greets them on their first day. This also applies to the awkward tour around the office.

Fresh Start
Avoid introducing a new employee with phrases such as “this is the new Sally” or “he will be doing what Adam did”.  Sally and Adam aren’t deceased, they just don’t work there anymore. Give your new employee a fresh start and allow them to set their own path.

Tour What You Would Like to Know
Think about what you would want to know if you were starting at a new job and give your new employee that tour. Be sure to include the locations of the bathrooms, printers, coffee/snacks.

Take Them to Lunch or Coffee
First days are hard but having to navigate a new area for lunch shouldn’t be part of it. Offer to take your new hire out for lunch or coffee and be sure to point out other places to check out in the area.

Set Them Up Before They Get There
Make sure your new hire is set up prior to his/her arrival. That includes their desk, computer, phone and email. For good measure you should also provide a notebook, pens and even a bottle of water/snack on their desk. This not only makes them feel welcomed into the office, but also allows any troubleshooting to be resolved prior to their arrival.

Give Them Something to Do
This doesn’t include reading the HR manual! Your new hire should have something to work on after they are finished with the tour and filling out paperwork. Start them off with a few small tasks related to their position.

Check In
Be sure to check in on your new hire throughout the day. Let them know where you can be found if there are any questions, or need help finding something.

Assign a Mentor
New employees need an insider’s view and help navigating the ins and outs of a company beyond day one. Create a mentoring program where seasoned employees show them the ropes and help them assimilate into the team.

Peter BoritzTips to Set New Employees Up for Success

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